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Since its inception, Precision Public Relations has remained committed to balancing the knowledge and expertise of a large firm with the precision focus and personal attention that can only be provided by a smaller agency.

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Based in Placer County, Precision Public Relations focuses on personal service, strategic solutions and quality results. Specializing in media relations, crisis communications, internal communications, media training, brand marketing, and green marketing. Precision Public Relations has managed local, statewide and national media campaigns on behalf of clients ranging from the food, wine and agriculture industries to grocers, homebuilders and healthcare companies—just to name a few.

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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

—Warren Buffet

Precision Team

The creativity, passion, and precision focus at PPR begins with its people. With decades of collective experience working in global public relations agencies, the team at PPR prides themselves on providing the personal service that can only be achieved at a smaller agency.

The team at Precision PR is passionate about working with clients to develop effective solutions to their communication challenges. PPR understands your individual needs and by taking the time to ask questions, listen carefully and work collaboratively with your team. We strive to develop creative ideas and impactful solutions in order to meet your desired goals and help your business grow.

From the day-to-day implementation of effective public relations tactics to developing long-term public relations strategies, as a part of your communication team Precision Public Relations can help you improve your brand’s awareness and reputation among your key audiences resulting in increased sales opportunities.

John Segale

President |

With over 25 years of experience in the public relations industry, John excels at providing a wide range of communications expertise including strategic branding, crisis communication, issues management and media relations for a variety of local, national and international clients. His commitment to providing personal client service, history of award-winning programs and extensive work on a variety of consumer, food, beverage and agricultural accounts has earned him a solid reputation for delivering superior results and achieving unparalleled success.

Lauren Oneto

Vice President |

Specializing in local, statewide and national public relations campaigns, Lauren has experience managing a variety of food, wine and agriculture campaigns in addition to new product launches and media tours. Prior to her time at Precision Public Relations, she worked on the food and wine team at the Sacramento office of Fleishman-Hillard. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Sacramento and also specializes in web content writing.

If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”

—Bill Gates


Media Relations

Successfully communicating your message to the media can seem like an overwhelming and intimidating task. How do you introduce your business or product to media outlets? And will reporters even be interested in your company’s news? Are there additional avenues to explore other than advertising? We can help answer all of these questions.

Precision PR will work closely with your team to take your latest company developments and activities to the next level by developing a strategic media relations plan that will help raise awareness of your business, new product, initiative or event. 

We will help you effectively convey your message to your target audience by developing newsworthy concepts to communicate reporters, editors and producers. Specific ways we can assist your team include reaching out to the media, coordinating media interviews and events, developing media materials, news segment concepts, and more.  

Crisis Communications

How would your company respond to an extraordinary situation that could threaten the health and safety of your employees or customers? Do you have a formalized crisis communication system in place? When the media calls, who will answer that call and what will you and your employees say? Has your company invested in crisis training? If you don’t know the answer to these questions or if the answer is no, your company may be operating on borrowed time. Most crisis situations are won or lost in the first few hours. How your company responds at that critical time could mean the difference between appropriately resolving an extraordinary situation or suffering through a high-visibility crisis situation. Precision PR has a proven record of helping numerous companies and industries successfully prepare for and respond to a variety of crisis situations. Our expertise includes:

  • Product safety recalls
  • Boycotts
  • Labor unrest
  • Natural disasters
  • Accidents

Precision PR possesses more than 25 years of experience successfully helping clients prepare for and navigate through extraordinary events and high-profile crisis situations. We specialize in protecting corporate reputations and can help you successfully address any circumstances that have the potential to disrupt your business, raise public awareness and threaten your bottom line, while preserving the reputation of your company and the integrity of your brand.

Internal Communications

Since the start of the 21st Century, companies have witnessed a radical change in the business environment. Mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcies, and mass layoffs have all contributed to a fundamental change in the relationship between employers and employees.

A company’s internal communication between management and its workforce is critically important in order to keep valued employees and attract new talent. Internal communications has also undergone a radical change over the years from a “company all” memo tacked to the bulletin board to today’s wide range of sophisticated communication vehicles including social media, enabling a company to reach out and effectively communicate company news, developments, announcements and insight to unify employees, improve morale and build a positive corporate culture.

Whether you have four or four thousand employees, Precision PR can work with you to develop highly-effective internal communications programs.

Media Training

Today’s media environment is undergoing a dramatic change and is seemingly transformed by the day. We are becoming too familiar with continued announcements of bankruptcies and employee cutbacks as many media outlets cease to exist. At the same time, more emphasis is placed on digital offerings as they gain credibility.

Bottom line: securing interview opportunities has never been more difficult. For companies looking to promote their brand and services, any opportunity to tell your story to the media must be maximized.

Are you ready to effectively convey your key messages in an interview? At Precision PR, we work with our clients to prepare them to successfully handle any type of interview, speaking opportunity or presentation to ensure they can effectively convey key messages and positively position their company. Research shows that when interviews are conducted properly, it can positively impact a product, brand, issue or service in the eyes of the targeted audience. Likewise, when an interview is poorly handled, it can severely damage one’s reputation and the company they represent.

Precision PR has media trained professional athletes, celebrities, and executives for all types of interview scenarios. We offer full- and half-day training sessions designed to prepare individuals to maximize each and every interview.

Brand Marketing

Precision PR has tremendous experience introducing new brands, re-energizing older brands and managing a brand’s growth through integrated communications including media outreach, unique special events, and social media.  

A company’s brand is its promise to its customers. We work with our clients to establish the proper identity for their brand, define and segment the audience and create an appropriate brand meaning, which will foster strong relationships with customers and drive current and future purchasing decisions.

Over the years, we have introduced new brands and revitalized older brands for wine, food, consumer products, and services. In fact, we enjoy brand marketing so much, we even teach a class on it.

Green Marketing

With our roots in agriculture, it is no surprise that Precision PR has been working with clients on sustainable issues long before the topic became popular.

We provide communications counsel to help companies tell their sustainable story, highlight environmentally-friendly programs and projects and raise awareness of alternative energy sources and products. But it doesn’t end there. Because we represent businesses, we work with our clients to expose flawed legislation and unfair regulatory proposals which would hurt companies, cause unnecessary economic harm and eliminate jobs while not providing any appreciable benefit to the environment.

As one of our most important areas of focus, Precision PR has successfully helped our clients effectively communicate their environmental efforts and programs.

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